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Listen to StrengthsExplorer Webcast to Accept, Affirm and Grow Potential Within Your Child

Here are twelve helpful webcasts to expand your strengths knowledge and empower your child. Learn more about each of the Explorer themes, as well as how to highlight, introduce and maintain a strengths-focus as you use these resources.

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Episode 12
Making StrengthsExplorer Work, for Kids and for You - Season Wrap With Dr. Mary Reckmeyer

Episode 1
Season Kickoff - What's Best for the Child Is What's Within the Child

Episode 2
Achieving - The More I Have to Do, the More I Get Done!

Episode 3
Caring - Extraordinary Altruism

Episode 4
Competing - Life Is a Game Worth Winning

Episode 5
Confidence - An Inner Certainty and Willingness to Stand Out

Episode 6
Dependability - A Profound Sense of Duty

Episode 7
Discoverer - The Joyful Investigator

Episode 8
Future Thinker - Great Clarity for Tomorrow

Episode 9
Organizer - Loving the Details, Loving Getting Them Right

Episode 10
Presence - The Audience Magnet

Episode 11
Relating - Social Connectability

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